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Find Ordinances Logo Find Temple Ordinances Needed for Your Relatives

Created by Debbie Holtzendorff       FamilySearch Logo

This app will point you to relatives with opportunities for Requesting Ordinances in your Family Tree.
The results are displayed in a table which can be saved to an Excel spreadsheet on your computer for future reference.

This app is provided to help you with family history research, it is not a FamilySearch product. While it can help you find ancestors who need temple ordinances:

This app does not replace the research that verifies the accuracy of information or checks for duplicates to assure the ordinances have not already been done.
Please check the information you find for accuracy, attach relevant sources and check for duplicates before you reserve ordinances.



Sign In to FamilySearch.org:  



Enter a Family Search Id of a deceased ancestor or Leave blank for your own tree like LXSN-KGX:

When helping someone else, it is best to find the Id of a deceased parent or grandparent.

Number of Ancestor Generations to Search. This is limited between 1 and 8. The smaller the number the faster the app will run.

Number of Descendant Generations from all of those ancestors to Search. This is limited to 1 or 2. The app will count down the requested number of generations for each of the Ancestors found. The smaller the number the faster the app will run.